The Million-Dollar Mercedes Surprise: A Son’s Gift to His Mother

Rosa Huber is in for a surprise. Her son Walter, under the guise of protecting...

Rosa Huber is in for a surprise. Her son Walter, under the guise of protecting her 1970 Mercedes 280 SE convertible from the weather, has a grand plan. As Rosa approaches her 90th birthday this December, Walter is gearing up to unveil her car, now meticulously restored to its original glory.

Why the buzz around this car? Well, when it graced the R.E. Mountain Secondary School’s “cruise-in to summer” car show, it was dubbed the “million-dollar Mercedes.” And rightly so. This model, one of Mercedes’ last hand-built marvels, could fetch over a million at auction. Walter, however, isn’t selling. “It’s family,” he says, reflecting on the car’s 52-year history with his mother.

The car’s impeccable restoration, complete with authentic parts, is evident. Walter quips, “The air conditioner alone was $50,000.” He showcased this beauty at the Langley school auto show, a fundraiser event presented by Langley Chrysler.

Speaking of Langley Chrysler, they’ve been making waves in the community. In 2022, they partnered with the Langley School District Foundation, pledging $1,250 monthly to support school nutrition programs. They’ve also launched a scholarship in Mathew Robins’ name, fueling the automotive dreams of young enthusiasts.

As for Rosa’s upcoming birthday surprise? Walter isn’t worried about her finding out. She’s in Ontario, far from B.C. papers. But when she does see her car, it’s sure to be a moment to remember.

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